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Carrying Forward

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How might you carry this (your project) forward?

As an agent of the forward moving mechanism of progress, I hope to encompass the multidimensionality of such a trait. My sense of agency follows the lineage of the words itself, which is derived from the Latin verb agere, which means ‘to set in motion’, and later, came to mean, ‘to lead’. There is also another derivative of the term agent—the Latin verb gerere, meaning, ‘to carry’. Both of these terms, to lead and to carry, are within this one term – agency. I am both a leader and a carrier, yet the possibilities to take charge seem hopeless—thought they are not.

Who or what am I the leader and carrier of?

my self.

 This project is without a specific goal, though it is a vector – it has both direction and magnitude; I intend to follow the course of its line. I am still at the dawn of this narrative—of silence and museums, researching and gathering. What will help me with this process would be some more interactions/interviews with people in this world. Either way, we are all affected, we are all affecters, and every presentation is contingent upon the other.

To be honest, I don’t know how to move forward exactly—in the way I want to. “As of now, we are forced to see this concept in material terms. The material condition of life is utilized as a tool to achieve important values – family, literacy, clean water—and this must change. To retain social progress yet reject the concept of unlimited material growth seems impossible to most—but this is what we need. We need to define progress in terms of meeting peoples basic needs, as material progress means nothing if it doesn’t cater to fundamentals” (Jahanbin, The Symptoms of Transition).

The progress I wish to make is in the mind, in the spirit, in the understanding (which is arguably the same thing as the body)— for hominins to be more reflective and to think more critically of ourselves, and therefor, the earth.

I haven’t really said how I will do this. It isn’t really just me, it’s you too. It’s us.

Let’s read more, and remember more—I will do my little part by researching, interviewing, reflecting, seeking, questioning—always moving, always doing. 


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