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Can't share friends

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I met my elementary school best friend on the first day of first grade and we quickly became inseperable. As the years progressed we stayed close but also had some separate friends. In around third grade, there was another girl who became close with my best friend. This was fine with me, because we both had our own friends but always remained closest friends with each other. The other girl however, was not ok with her new friend having another best friend and she was extremely jealous and vengeful towards me. She would focus so much time on trying to get and keep my friend's attention creating a bad situation for both me and my friend. 

My mother said that when I was young, teachers always said not to host playdates with odd numbers of girls. Two girls was fine, but three would quickly become an issue. Turns out, this theory holds true, at least in my experience. What started out as friends transformed into a destructive cycle that made all three of us feel bad and have unnecessary conflict.