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Both Sides of the Ocean

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On this humid day in Pennsylvania, which has been one of my homes for almost a week now, one experience I miss from my life before now is going to Cape Cod. The cooling and salty breeze, the scalding sand during mid-day, and the refreshingly biting cold waves are the strongest aspects that come to mind. 

I chose the username "Both Sides Now" because when I saw the photo of the beach, I thought of words to describe the feelings of the ocean itself, as we talked about in class- nature having feelings. Those feelings fit into two categories: calm or chaotic. Both are powerful but opposites. The calm beach is the one I prefer and relating to my own feelings, I try to maintain a sense of peace about my life and surroundings but the obligations and neccessities of everyday life create the chaos. I try to excel at time management with my schoolwork and other activites however the usually more enjoyable opportunities such as outings with friends, reading or watching films for pleasure, and spending time with family throw off the organization that keeps my head clear. When both collide as the sun, the sky and the waves do, there is now the chaos to scramble. Both sides are the calm and the chaotic; the continuously lapping waves and the angry storm. Judy Collins sang that she had seen the clouds from both sides now, I feel I have seen the beach from both sides during my past and will continue to see those sides throughout my time at Bryn Mawr. Both sides are in balance and one without the other would make life dull.