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11/5 Taylor F class location

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I decided to have our class in our original classroom, Taylor F, because it was raining outside and we haven't been in our original classroom for a while. At the beginning of the class, very loud and disruptive noise was coming out from the windows. This caused people to have to speak up over the noise and caused the normally peaceful setting to be tumultuous. However, we decided to close the windows after a while, but I personally found the temperature inside the classroom far too hot to be comfortable. I know many others were feeling too warm as well.  I've come to realize that I prefer having class in new indoor environments to create invigorating surroundings for our minds. I noticed that students tend to be slightly more alert in newer environments. Overall, it wasn't the perfect setting but we did have lovely conversation and all the students managed to come up with a "lesson plan" for the other students.