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Working with Sheila Pinkel: Notes Towards Days 17-18 (Tues, Nov. 3-Thurs, Nov. 5)

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Thursday's class [in Canaday 315]:
I. Silence by Sylvia
Han for Tuesday
[still missing reports from 1/2 of you: Julia, Riley, Sula, Meera, Shirah & Joie]

II. Tuesday we start a new unit on "engendering silence"--
what Tillie Olsen calls "the unnatural thwarting of what struggles to come into being, but cannot,"
all the circumstances—class, color, sex; the times, climate--that silence writers
To prepare, read two selections from Olsen's book Silences,
a New York Times article on "The Ways of Silencing,"
an essay on Literary Trauma Theory; also look @ 5 short videos
(28 minutes long) about Women and Prison, on reserve in Canaday

III. remainder of class: working alone or in small groups on your creative project

Tuesday's class:

I. Silence by Shirah & Joie
for Thursday, Sylvia

II. talk @ 7 p.m. tomorrow night in Dalton 119:
come and bring your friends!

III. check-in re: tour of Riverside on Friday--
any Thursday folks to join? Abby, +?
need to arrange add'l transportation?
all Friday folks going?