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Thursday lesson plan, week one 9/10

Arts of Resistance Tags

I. Intro

  A. Names, pronouns, and answering a question (maybe, what brings you here today? or something lighter, more fun)

  B. Who we students are, why we are here

    1. From BMC, facilitating literacy group as a part of a class

  C. Describe course: Stories About the World, Stories About Us

    1. We'll decide as a group what current events we would like to discuss, bring in news articles about them and personal testimonies

    2. We will have reading (both individually and as a group) and writing as our main means of communication (as we are in a literacy group)

II. Current event of the week: Hurricane Katrina's 10 Year Anniversary

  A. Where were you in the world August 23-31, 2005 (roughly)? What do you remember? 

  B. Pass around photos, share information about the storm from our own research or having people contribute 


~~This is as far as we got today ! But we should plan on how to introduce the more specific topic: how differently black and white communities perceive the recovery of New Orleans since the storm... Incorporate reading articles and probably in-class writing IF we have the time.