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"Silence Speaks Volumes": Notes Towards Day 25 (Thurs, Dec.3)

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I. 2:25-2:45: silence by Tong
next Tuesday by Rosa & Abby

II. coursekeeping:
* your Sunday night posting this week is a response to my draft on "Articulating Silence";
another chapter of the book Jody and I are writing--I'm expecting responses on the website,
as well as your answering the questions about the design of the website itself on survey monkey
(Jody asked for this on her prison chapter, and got responses ONLY from Abby, Rhett and Shirah,
plus notes from Sula, who couldn't make the commenting function work...?
I'm hoping for a MUCH better response rate!)

* on Tuesday, we'll discuss that text; I'll also ask us to return
to the discussion that Riley seeded, on Tuesday,
about what it means to "submit to trauma" ...

III. but today, we are turning from the silences of trauma to
consider silent religious practices; and are joined by Michelle Francl

(BMC Chemistry professor and blogger @ Quantum Theology);
you've read her essay, Silence Speaks Volumes,
another by our colleague, Sister Linda Susan Beard, Silence is the Winter Name of God.
Caroline Stephen's Selections from Quaker Strongholds, & the introduction to
George Kalamaras' "Reclaiming the Tacit Dimension."

Michelle asked each of you to bring for her a line or two that somehow
encapsulates your sense of silence or solitude, that will give her a way
to listen her way into the conversation we have been having all semester ...