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Possible Costs of final project

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I have been in touch with Markus who is the sculpture professor at Haverford and he said I should be able to use the materials there but I will know more as to how much the cost will be once I sit down with him. In terms of costs of outside materials here is a breakdown:

Polyurethane or Shellac: ~$20

Plastic flowers: ~$20

Acryllic Paints: I should have enough paints left over from past projects, but I may need $10 worth or more colors?


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i don't think that i will need to purchase materials

but likely having a laptop and/or recording device would be useful. i'm okay with getting things from the library and not leaving the tech there alone the whole time. will continue to consider parameters of what i want to do with the tech and with joie and smalina's pieces