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Personal Narrative from Katrina for Thursday

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Hi all,

First- I am about to email you all personal narratives, with each page as 1 attachment. I'm sorry this is such an annoying file format. I am uing an old computer programs and a basic scanner, but tomorrow I will scan these with my fancy scanner at work and upload/post them as 1 actual file. 

Second- here is a personal narrative from Katrina that I think we should use on Thursday. It is from a book called Voices from the Storm: The People of New Orleans on Hurricane Katrina and its Aftermath, which is a Voice of Witness book. VOW is an awesome organization that puts together books of many short oral histories. Learn more about it here. It would be much too long to read the all the posted pages aloud in our session, so feel free to pick and choose what you want to highlight. You could also split us all up into groups and have each group focus on 1 section of Renee Martin's oral history. However you choose to organize the session, we can also give a printout of each of these pages to all the RCF women in case they want to read the whole thing after our session. Also, I am thinking we can use reading personal narratives as a way to push us all to write some of our own stories/experiences down. If you like that idea as well, we could do a writing prompt like "When did you have to deal with the consequences of an event that was out of your control?" and emphasize that the event can be big like Katrina, or something less dramatic like having to deal with a teacher you did not like. 

Remember also to build in some time for women to share their "homework" writing from last week, in case anyone did it and wishes to do so. All of us Bi-Co people can and should also do our own writing and share if we please. 

Looking forward to seeing what great lesson plan you build!