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Our Initial Conversation

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1-2:30 p.m., Tuesday, May 5
English House Lecture Hall

I. Jody: Welcome all!
Break into group of 3 (seeking out folks you haven't yet met),
and tell one another about the "arts of resistance" you wrote about in
your application to this 360°. Extrapolating from those examples,
talk more generally about what 'resistance' is, and what it might
mean to make it 'artful.' Then figure out a way that you can enact
these ideas without words: compose a tableau, make a scene, create a mime...
Performing these

II. Joel: what are we seeing? what are we not (yet!) seeing here?
Introductions: go round, say your name and where you feel freest.

III. Anne: moving into logistics, beginning with a pragmatic
(and philosophical!) question. If each of the three of us required
each of you to buy three books, and write in them in preparation for class,
would you do this? Might you resist? What forms might that resistance take?
What details you need to know: aside from Poli Sci on Mon night,
Education late TTh mornings, English/Silence TTh afternoons,
there will be two field possibilities, both located @
Riverside Correctional Facility, a women's prison in North Philadelphia
(where Tong, Abby and Farida have been going this semester).

We'll be leading a reading and writing group, 1-3 on Friday afternoons
(with travel, this means committing to being off-campus from noon-4:30),
probably using some of the texts we'll be reading in our classes;
Romi Laskin (HC '15 and Haverford House Fellow)
will also lead a literacy group on Thursday evenings,
leaving campus @ 4 and returning around 8 p.m.
We will offer have an orientation here, re:
clothing, identification, other guidelines for going in...
and are working to set up an orientation @ the prison
and (later in the semester) a tour.