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New October

abby rose's picture

Hey all, just a brief note that I have changed my name from rosea to abby rose. I knew I'd change my name on Serendip to my actual name from the beginning of my time on here, and now's the time. Also because there has been continued confusion as to who's who on here and I want to make sure my ideas are seen as my own. 

Also, I have a new icon. It's still Lisa Simpson because she's the me baby Abby always wanted to be and my friend from forever. This new image shows Lisa curled up in her blue bed, and I see it as a type of self portrait. My bed is my place, and blue is my color always. I've never had dreams before recently, which sounds strange to say but is actually true. Not like sleeptime dreams but aspiration dreams. I've finally started dreaming and crafting a vision for myself, my future. This picture is emblematic of that. 

Thanks for reading, anyway. See you all soon.