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More on Research Project

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            Because I am also doing an independent study project with Joel, I think I will do the research project alone, hoping that both projects could connect to each other and ultimately be incorporated into my thesis.

            So far for my independent study with Joel, I want to focus on Asian immigration, what does it mean to be an Asian American and how was the identity developed. In my research proposal I mainly talked about focusing the project on Asian American, and how does Asian cultures influence the education and incarceration of this group. And after last week’s classes, discussions and field trips, I really want to narrow my research area to how does the East Asian conforming culture influence East Asian American’s incarceration and re-entering into society. For both projects, I really want to make them education opportunities for the Bryn Mawr community, or even larger society in understanding Asian American identity and the role Asian American hold in this country. More importantly, I wish these two projects could remind people of the existence of this racial/ethnic/cultural group and how people in the group is “privileged” or “victimized” in America.

            I have been thinking about the ways I would present my projects, considering I am not a very artistic person. At this point, I have two ideas. The first one is transforming my research into a story and use the form of monologue to present the story. The second one is more direct and “teaching” that I want to design several graphs reflecting the result of my research, like statistics. For my independent study with Joel, I will be likely to write an academic research paper, and I will later try to make paper a part of my artistic project.