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importance of space

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voice of truth = freedom // “truth will set you free” = (oversimplification) of wideman...

  • narrator wrote to “make a fiction of [his] life”; robby imprisoned but open about himself — more free?

calls to question: the subjectivity of truth

calls to question: how much voice/space needed to be free

  • in cafe, not much space, abundant people from varied backgrounds and experience... subjective truths, limited space

but freedom also subjective…

  • in cafe, many spoke of “ability” and “capacity” as only path to freedom, i tried to challenge notion…
  • again, robby incarcerated, but by narrator’s perspective, somehow more free?


no simple answer


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i was very off-put but having chris in the center of the space... he directed the conversation based on his personal decisions, calling on folks rather than letting conversation occur naturally...

i think i said something to this effect to jody, but i also found it off-putting within myself to see this space and then to personally find it lacking; i very much like the idea of deconstructing academic spaces and placing conversations outside of an institution, but then when that was put into practice this way, i didn't like it.