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final socrates cafe event

Arts of Resistance Tags

wanted to make this a present thing on serendip. we can use google drive or facebook or whatever else, but i thought that we should also be  transparent for the rest of the class as well.


optional table use:



list of questions/concepts:

  • safety

    • what does it mean to be safe? what does it mean to not be safe?
    • do people have to feel unsafe for someone to feel safe?
  • freedom
  • resistance

  • citizenship
    • how does citizenship play into your life?
  • silence
  • dehumanization
  • forgiveness
  • stigma


things we still need to discuss:

  • name (will we rename?)
    • middle ground of advertising: socrates café facilitated by members of the Arts of Resistance 360
  • advertising (do we need to advertise as a separate event? how do we get into contact with ad group?)
  • boundaries, how we will facilitate but not control
    • rb.richx: i think we should have a large version of some of the groundrules we use through bryn mawr space (using i statements, move up move up, etc)



  • intro of the course and the socrates cafe concept - MEERA
  • community learning guidelines - RHETT
  • second, a silence to center ourselves and ground us in this space - ABBY
  • first question - SYLVIA (note: let's be cautious when breaking the silences that may occur - who knows what may come out of the tension!)