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Event Reflection

Shirah Kraus's picture

Abby, Han, Julia, and I put together our posters and arranged them on easels. Our opening reception was a great opportunity to engage with our audience. I enjoyed discussing our weekly visits to RCF with a friend from my Arabic class. We shared some of our experiences and I talked about my project and what I learned. I also enjoyed a conversation with a professor and was inspired to make some changes to the website. It was exciting to see everyone’s projects, to discuss mine and show the website, to talk with others in the 360, including the professors. The food situation was great—Meera and Tong helped me pick it up from Wyndam (Tong took care of ordering and arranging it). I think the exhibit reached a large audience and people enjoyed and learned from it. The Socrates café was a meaningful way to close the exhibit and I enjoyed listening and sharing. I wish more people outside of our 360 had come and I regret that I did not do very much to promote the events (I printed out fliers but didn’t hand many out or post them). I then left out the leftover food and cleaned it up later.

I am looking forward to seeing the video soon!