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Conferring with Sheila Pinkel: Notes Towards Day 4 (Thurs, Sept. 10)

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I. quick coursekeeping
on Tuesday we will pick up on the issues Rosa was raising
@ the end of our last class, and some of Farida's follow-up questions:
please read Lisa Delpit's classic essay, "The Silenced Dialogue:
Power and Pedagogy in Educating Other People's Children
Harvard Educational Review (1988): 280-298;
and then one of two essays from the 2005 collection,
Beyond Silenced Voices: Class, Race, and Gender in United States Schools:
Kim and Markus' "Speech and Silence; an Analysis of the Cultural Practice of Talking,"
OR Dimitriadis' "Popular Culture, Pedagogy and Urban Youth: Beyond Silenced Voices" 
(each about 15 pp. long; Delpit is about 20).

Your first paper for me was scheduled for next Wednesday, but this seems a push,
so I'm giving a unilateral extension to everyone til next Friday, Sept. 18, @ 5 p.m.;
we'll talk about that on Tuesday also;
you can review the details in the syllabus before then.

II. skyping with Sheila:
her invitation and your responses...