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10/22 Lesson Plan

Arts of Resistance Tags

Introduction (5 minutes)

+Names and pronouns, opening question: what is your proudest moment? When did you feel most proud?


Planned Parenthood Background (Abby) (20 minutes)

+What do you think of when you hear “Planned Parenthood”?

+Hand out fact sheet and chart that divides services

+Pass out and explain that PP does not only do abortions, but provides other health services and information

+There is much debate around whether or not PP should continue to receive gov’t funding, the discrepancy is centered around the fact that PP performs abortions

+Mention the defunding of PP in Texas this past Monday, other states want to also defund Planned Parenthood


  • Center for Medical Progress- putting out videos where Planned Parenthood officials are discussing the donation of fetal tissue

  • Hillary Clinton response- Responding to Monday’s news, Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign released the following statement: “Republicans in Texas are using discredited and fraudulent attacks on Planned Parenthood as an excuse to advance their own partisan agenda at the expense of the people of Texas, particularly low income women and families. Hillary Clinton continues to stand with Planned Parenthood and women across the country to fight back against these outrageous and irresponsible Republican attacks on access to health care.”

  • End to Federal funding for Planned Parenthood- nearly government shutdown as a result

  • Planned Parenthood is no longer a part of Medicaid Program in Texas, Governor Greg Abbott announced on Monday

  • Louisiana federal judge told the state it had to continue the funding for at least 14 days, but plans to cut-off funding after that on Monday

  • The House has voted to create a special committee to investigate Planned Parenthood in the wake of GOP outcry about the group’s handling of tissue from aborted fetuses.

  • The vote was 242 to 184, with two Democrats voting in favor and one Republican voting against.

  • Planned Parenthood has filed suit against similar moves in Louisiana, Indiana, Arizona, Arkansas, and Alabama. They won a temporary victory in Louisiana Monday when a federal district court judge agreed to keep the funding going while the case proceeds.


+Article One: read aloud (popcorn style)

Here's What Happens if Congress ends funding for Planned Parenthood

+Article Two: read aloud (popcorn style)

A Case to Defund Planned Parenthood 

Introduce Debate (2 minutes)

Here are a couple of guidelines for the debate:

  • make sure you’re listening to what the other team says in order to solidify your argument

  • Only one person is allowed to speak at a time

  • Possible that your final argument might change throughout the debate

  • We’re going to split into two groups and then

  • Each group will have ten minutes to write down two main arguments for or against continuing the governmental/federal funding to planned parenthood and in that time will select two representatives (one for the opening argument, one for the counter argument) to debate that team’s side

  • While the four people are debating, everyone else should be taking notes and even possibly giving advice through note passing (we can take this last part out if people want)

  • One side will give their opening argument

  • Other side gives their opening argument

  • The opening arguments should have no more than three primary reasons for defunding or continuing governmental funding to planned parenthood

  • Then each team will have two minutes to discuss with their partner what the pro team said and the con team said and what each team’s second argument will be based on what has been said. In this time each time will write down their second arguments.

  • Whoever went first in the first argument will go second in the second round

  • Then each team will give their second argument


Mock Debate (Madison and Shirah) (3 minutes)

Twizzlers: Madison

opening argument

Twizzlers are an American classic. Since 1845, they have been perfecting their recipe to make it exactly what the people want.  Next to popcorn, there is no movie treat as popular as Twizzlers.  In pounds, they are the fourth best selling candy in the country. The Twizzler company treats their employees well by giving them two complimentary pounds of the candy each week.

counter argument

Although Skittles may have fewer calories, Twizzlers are significantly healthier.  They have 28g of sugar per serving, whereas skittles have 43g per serving.  Twizzlers also have 0g of saturated fat, while skittles have 0.495g of saturated fat which raises the level of cholesterol in your body. Twizzlers can even boast about 2 whole grams of protein, much more than most candies! While Skittles have multiple flavors in each pack, Twizzlers is proud of their ability to perfect a very specific flavor.

Planning time (10 minutes)

Debate (11 minutes)

Post Debate Discussion (5-10 minutes)

What are your initial thoughts about the debate?

If applicable, how did it feel to argue for a side that you did not necessarily agree with?

How have your ideas about planned parenthood changed after the debate?

Did you change your mind about anything?

Did you hear perspectives that you hadn’t thought about before?


End with a word of how you are feeling