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The Wilma Theater performed Heather Raffo's 9 Parts of Desire, Cloud 9, The Pillowman, and My Children, My Africa! in 2006, and this forum contains links to active, provocative discussions about these productions.
4 4 17 years 20 weeks ago
by admin
What happens when mediocrity recognizes itself in the face of genius, especially when genius comes in the form of a potty-mouthed former child prodigy? This is the challenge posed as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, perhaps the greatest composer of all time, unknowingly becomes the battleground of envious court composer Antonio Salieri's strife with God.
1 4 15 years 2 weeks ago
by Jokes Street (guest)
Can women remain friends when a man comes between them? Is it possible for two people to love as equals? Sexy, fresh, and vibrantly funny, Age of Arousal is a modern look at forbidden Victorian desires on the brink of explosion.
1 8 16 years 17 weeks ago
by Flora
The epic story of Galileo comes to life in the Wilma’s vibrant re-imagining of Brecht’s masterpiece! In a simple study in Padua, Galileo raises his telescope to the skies and transforms hypothesis into proof that Earth is not the center of the universe. Word of his discovery radiates from the streets of Venice to the palaces of Rome, shaking the age-old core beliefs of his society.
2 9 17 years 4 weeks ago
by Linda E. (guest)