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We proceed, we stop

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The visualization I chose for Bryn Mawr was the Pembroke Hall ( In my essay, I described my experience running through the Arch on the Parade Night. Freshwomen run into the campus, through Pembroke Arch. Four years later, we will on the Senior Step and welcome newcomers. Though it was physically a short distance to travel through, I think it is a condensed epitome of a Bryn Mawr experience as an undergraduate. Before I came to Bryn Mawr this summer, all my visual impression of the college was built up by the digital pictures that I had access to. Pembroke is definitely a widely used visualization of our college. I loved the architecture and the view on the first sight because it looked like an entrance to a community filled with vigor and wisdom to me. Also, my residential life experience in Pem is another reason I chose it. Each dorm has its own culture, but there are characteristics shared by all, such as the self-governance. I consider dorm life important to represent a residential college because it's a big part in establishing  a community.

The spot that I chose to revisit during the semester is the Labyrinth. It faces Rhoads and overlooks the atheletic field. There is a bench and a hammock that I will be able to stay during the observation. (Yay, no worries for bad weather!) As I indicated in the title "We proceed, we stop", the Labyrinth and the Pembroke Hall respectively represent the two types of pace in my life. The Labyrinth is a good spot for meditation and reflection to me. I haven't been to the Labyrinth many times yet and I want to record my feeling each time I go there in later weeks. I read the online posts just now and realized I am not the only one who would love to return to the Labyrinth regularly. (High five, Sarah!) Unlike Sarah C. who has profound knowledge of the Labyrinth and deep connection to the spot, I am indeed starting a new project here. I want to learn more about the background of the Bryn Mawr Labyrinth and the stories and history of labyrinth overall. (Maybe my task for the next few weeks.)