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Happiest at English House

Shengjia-Ashley's picture

Hello, I am Shengjia (Ashley) Zhu from Shanghai, China.

Everything in the Park Science Lab was still and lifeless. Even the sunlight seemed weaker though the glass window. I was very uncomfortable in the void lab. And I don’t think any plant would be happy to live in a lab either.

The pavement was cracked and the sun was hot at the parking lot. My view was filled with rolls of cars. Plants were pushed to the very edge of the space. Alone in this empty spot, I felt so stressful that I wanted to flee.

The English house was a lovely and quiet place away from the main campus. Stood in great harmony with the surrounding trees, the English building seemed to be its own world of peace and serendipity. I felt calm and relaxed at the house.

The plants are certainly happy in Morris Woods since they grow without restrictions. However, it was a bit hard for me to freely move around and orientate in this little kingdom of thriving plants, chirping birds and flying insects.

It was showering when I got to Dalton staircase. The rain splashed onto the glass and made lousy noises. Though I stayed dry with the protection of the glass, I felt colder and more helpless.

I believe plants and human both like to stay at peaceful yet vital places. The difference is that rain make plants happy and human unhappy.