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Unhappy Plants, Unhappy Me

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Rankings of where I felt happiest:

1. The English House

2. Morris Wood

3. Dalton Stair Case

4. Park 20

5. Campus Center Parking Lot

For the Plants:

1. Morris Wood

2. Park 20

3. English House

4. The Glass Staircase in Dalton

5. Campus Center Parking Lot

Before I started this assignment I assumed that I would be happiest in Morris Wood, but that wasn't the case for a few reasons. When I entered the woods the ground was wet and I was afraid that I might slip and fall. I also had to bend my body in unusual ways and watch were I stepped because I was worried that I might hurt some of the plants. I felt slightly about of place in the woods because of my need to move so carefully, and maybe because of the type of clothing I was wearing as well. With that said I was very happy in the woods. There were more birds chirping than there are on campus I found those sounds to be pleasant. I also saw a cat! The light coming through the clouds and through leaves on the trees was beautiful. I believe the plants are happiest here. They have the freedom to grow as tall and wide as they are able, and they don't need to worry about anyone forgetting to water them. 

I felt the happiest in the English House. The first thing I noticed when I sat down was the smell of coffee which I found comforting. The black boards made me feel nostalgic, in a good way. And the quilt on the wall was very nice to look at. Overall this classroom made me feel at ease. It is the type of room that I have always wanted to learn in. It felt like a room that would hold a very interesting class. I think plants would be fairly happy in the room. There is enough room on the window sills for them to sit in pots and soak up the sun light coming through the windows. And they would be in a location where people would be able to admire them, and not forget about them. 

I was least happy in the parking lot, and I believe the plants would be least happy there as well. In the parking lot I had to be careful so I didn't get his by a car. It smelled of fumes and rubber. I mostly heard car engines, which is not a pleasant sound. The cracked asphalt is not pleasant to look at. I don't think the plants would be very happy here because they would have limited space to grow and would be forced to breath in car fumes all the time. 

Both plants and humans want to feel safe. We don't want to be stepped on or hit by anything. We also want our needs to be taken care of. The plants had every thing they needed in the woods, and I had what I needed in the English house. But the difference is that humans and plants need different things to be comfortable.