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Edgar Allan Poe National Historic Site Ctd.

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I forgot the paragraph that describes the links I wrote down and how I got to them!

I actually did not even notice the article entitled "UFO enthusiasts to gather" in the Inquirer. Instead, I researched a number of other articles: a gamut of topics spanning from weddings to the deep sea. I was growing quite frustrated so I decided to skim through the Inquirer again. Lo and behold, when I grabbed for the paper "UFO enthusiasts" caught my eye. I wasn't interested in UFOs specifically just all of the mystery surrounding them. Somehow all of my research led me to the Edgar Allan Poe National Historic Site. Like a UFO, Poe was an enigma, and the site attracted my attention. However, I severely doubt that the site will be open this weekend so I'm adding a few more links onto my past list.

Unlike the actual site, the Free Library of Philadelphia contains a lot of Poe's belongings, including the raven that inspired "The Raven."