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Through the Glass

Sara Lazarovska's picture

Here goes, another eventless site sit. The nature in the cloisters (or lack thereof) will be the same as last week - what could I possibly write about this time?

These were my thoughts as I was walking to the cloisters that Saturday afternoon. The sun was setting and I was going to miss it, since it sets behind TGH, and the wonderful was going to be blocked. Sigh.

However, when I walked into the cloisters, I stoped dead. I was mesmerized, completely hypnotized, wonderstruck. The last of the sun's rays filtered through the tall windows of Thomas Great Hall, coloring the grass a million different shades of all the colors of the palette of visible light and nature. For the first time, I saw a whole new dimension to the otherwise boring flora that is enclosed within the cloisters - it seemed happy, almost playful. The light (alas, what was left of it for that day) shone proudly and strongly, beautifying the natural landscape.

It was nature - biology, physics, chemistry, ecology, environmental science, and all their glory - that reminded me exactly how wonderful our planet is. It also reminded me why I have such an appreciation for the sciences: because they explain it all, the wonders of nature. And to me, that makes nature more tangible, the environment a little closer to me, more understandable. On that note, I take my hat off and salute all the science majors out there; you are doing what I do not have the energy or the will to do, but it is still something I have an immense appreciation for.