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As this is the first post regarding "attending" to the ecological aspects of having class outside, I don't really have a specific format to follow, so I thought I'd create a list of things I noticed during our ESEM course today:

1) I often became distracted, particularly when there was animal movement behind me.

2) I noticed that when people lost concentration, they would pull up grass/put it in their mouths (Hannah H.), or play with it.

3) Some of my peers didn't seem to care for, or acknoweldge the ecological aspects of our class environment at all.

4) Some sudents seemed uncomfortable, and didn't respond well to the dampness/weather.

Personally, I don't believe that having class outside created a significant distraction for students, but in some cases, it didn't add much to our "ecological conversations", because many students were focused on engaging in intellectual discussion. What do some of you think about having class outside today? Did you notice anything different that I missed?