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Things haven't gotten better

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Colored Amazons keeps its narratives of blacks in the judicial system. This chapter emphasizes more on the unequal treatment from media.  It looks like the dark side of media, especially those mainstream media hasn’t changed at all. The misleading interpretation and partial coverage of events are means of delivering inaccurate message to the public. Even nowadays, people have so many different ways to access to the latest news. Sometimes, too much information, both useful and meaningless ones everywhere is overwhelming. Even though this kind of explosion of information can be annoying, people at least have the opportunities to see other side of the news. Maybe the other side of the story is still not the whole truth; the expanding modern medias are trying to illuminate the blind spots of traditional coverage of news.  Growing up in a country with different political system, I have the developed the constant doubt about  the news in my country which is usually monitored by government for "better" of as whole. I used to think media here should be the accurate and neutral due the fame of being the country of freedom. I guess I was just too naïve and forget that the capitalist countries are influenced by party with capital rather than one single government. Anyway, it’s another kind of misleading.  However, despite the fact that everyone knows the information presented by media can be distorted, people will believe when the false information in repeated so many times everywhere.  This situation was applicable to things happened one hundred years ago and is also applicable today.

Back to one century ago, newspapers, especially those famous mainstream ones, are the peoples’ only sources of what’s happening outside.  Cultural difference became almost synonymous with pathology and crime.  The ways of news present the offenders in the cases of crime is especially misled. Popular cultures promoted white supremacy by broadcasting stories exaggerate the details of black offenders. Narratives themes portrayed sexual fascination of images of dangerous black women who are involve in the crimes. The worse thing was that mainstream presses were not alone in destroying explicit images of black female criminals. At the same time, these presses adopted a sympathetic view of white female criminal.

Many literatures published at that era showed quite distinctive portraits between black women and white females. All these misleading information on mainstream played role in decrease the possibility of creating an equal the judicial system or even fair trial for many blacks. I can image the many occasions when Blacks were charged with harder accusation.

For another reading,  I was able to review the American history fort the perspective of the Blacks. Though I was familiar with all the big events happened in the past 300 hundred years, when I rethink the long-lasting and deep effects on the black I felt  sorrow and bitter even as a foreigner. As W.E.B.Du Bois pointed out the Blacks went free after the Emancipation of Proclamation but shortly after they went back to slavery. The sad situation only has improved a little bit during past hundred years slowly.

Sadly, the environment they live in where similar political dynamics produced another caste system in years following the collapse of Jim Crow.

Despite the continuous attempt to change eh situation, the Jim Crow code was not abolished until the Civil Rights Movement in 1960s. Between the 14th Amendment and 15th Amenemden , the life of Blacks were filled with discrimination legally throughout the country.  Privileged classes as conspiring to keep poor whites and blacks looked into a subordinated political and economic position.

Although I don’t want to admit the fact, the New Jim Crow seems to come to existence after all years’ efforts trying to abandon the old ones. This kind discrimination is perfectly legal, because it’s based on one’s criminal record. Any given wire of the cage may or may not be specifically developed for the purpose of trapping the bird. Sadly, it’s the system which is trying to be justified as whole trap the Blacks in virtual/literal cage