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James Family

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House of Wits Performance Piece - Alice Monologue


Script Piece for House of Wits Performance

By Arielle Seidman


The following is a scene in which Alice James discusses her brother, William. This is a piece of fiction, based on the opinions, theories, and personalities of these two, and what I have learned about them in this class.

WARNING: This is depressing! (You probably expected that…Alice and William weren’t exactly comedic types.)

The other two pieces used in this presentation are not featured here. They were written and performed in class by Marina Morrison, and Alex Marrerro.


Believe You Me

By Arielle Seidman


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Class Notes 2/17

class notes 2/17/10

Anne begins with pictures of various covers of PL
quote from Ralph

Calamity shows off her stunning memory skills and identifies who is not here

HW: read through ch 26 for Monday

Discussion of Tom Stoppard’s play of same title- play within a play
man and woman- she’s commiting adultery
later find out that that was a play- that he wrote?
layers of “real thing” where is it? is falling in love the real thing, question of performance
how to decide real thing in life/love/etc

Generational difference of perception- scene 7 The Real Thing the play
House of Cards play within the play
“love is colonization”

Anne: the question of real, seeing it everywhere…

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