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Final Paper

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The Vendetta Lost

Who am I? I have yet to figure that out. My role in the world, the universe, the environment, is still a question mark. Life is constantly changing, people die every day, and rarely do we think our family members will be the ones dying. Life adjustments need to be made as our lives plug further and further along. Rebecca Solnit proposes an answer to this question. In order to find oneself one needs to become lost. Where? When? And how does one go about doing this? Does a structured system such as a college allow us to openly search as Solnit suggests that one must do? Does Bryn Mawr College’s concrete, structured education provide room for what Solnit proposes in her Field Guide to Getting Lost. Which way is the best way to explore the self and can Solnit’s ideas coexist in a fixed college environment?

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Curing Cocaine Addiction: Moving Forward by Looking Behind

Cocaine addiction is a serious mental health issue that affects both individuals and their communities. For the individual, chronic cocaine use often causes irritability, restlessness, anxiousness, paranoia, and psychosis. Additional peripheral health problems may also develop such as heart attack or stroke, which may result in sudden death.[1] Societies also suffer from an individual’s addiction. Diverse studies have

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