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Understanding the Brains of Our Students (and Ourselves?)

Syreeta: Sometimes after one of my students has done something incredibly strange, I always wondered are we from the same planet....Well today's session helped me understand that they are not aliens but Early Adolescents. What I learned today is that they are not me and we don't think alike...maybe I can better understand where the behavior is coming from.
How does understanding their behavior change our behavior?
Jennifer (and Diane): I would have preferred a richer discussion of methods for assisting the adolescent as they navigate stages of cognition.
Angela: when is the cut off point for a parent to stop spoiling a child?

Judith: we are very tolerant of deviant behaviors and then we get frustrated...we need to change the way society thinks

Joyce: I probably will change this diagram to serve me while watching my students work cooperatively.

How helpful is it to understand some
of the sources of our own behavior?
Mary Ellen: What parts of those different selves do we bring into the classroom on our good/bad days? How do our perceptions of other people affect us so that we exhibit our false self?
What dimensions lie beyond the psychology
of feeling comfortable with one's self?

Rita: The one thing that I did observe in our discussions about adolescents is that economics doesn't play a large never entered into any of the discussions.
A good seque-way, perhaps, to Jeff Cohen, on The History of Location... ?


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