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Week 2 Thoughts

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In my class on Thursday with Paul, the group discussed that, in order for a person to live a "comfortable" life, there needs to be some sort of context and commonality, like the sun will rise in the morning or people sleep at night. But what if people become too comfortable or dependent with the stable environment they live in? Human beings, along with all other living organisms on the planet are constantly in motion and constantly changing. This is not only according to Darwin's theory of evolution, but also attributable to personal experiences of never being exactly the same person. For example, when I wake up in the morning, I am very tired, but during the day, I am awake and full of energy. This bodily change, while not evolutionary, is an example of how things are never constant. If they were, life would be very boring and limited. In addition, one could argue that the sun rising in the morning is constant because it happens everyday. But that person must also consider that while it might not be "living" in the traditional sense, the sun is also constantly changing and might one day, but (hopefully) not in the near future, die, thereby taking away the constant. So while I find Darwin to be a bit tedious, his underlying argument seems to be solid enough, in my opinion. 


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