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a view on life

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On Tuesday we were given professor Grobstein and Dalke's view of the semester and the course. through this we learned about the three spheres and the evolution that seems to be occurring. I was introduced to the noosphere  which compromised the evolution of human thought. This showed a growth from the inanimate, to the body, and then the mind. the idea that we continue to live on through ideas and thoughts.

This led to a discussion about death and dying. Some people expressed a fear of death or losing loved ones while I voiced my opinion of its inevitably. What I feel wasn't brought up but sheds light on the different views is the idea of the crack. People have different views on death because they have had different life experiences. For a kid growing up in an urban city where making it to 25 is a milestone the emotions associated with death are different from the next person.

It made me think of a line I heard at a talk by Dr. Marc Lamont hill. In his lecture he stumbled upon the topic of urban youth, education, and the hopes and realities of that dream. Within that he mentions how urban life is a burden for many youth in dangerous inner cities zones and for some the reality simply put is that, "we are all death eligible, life is a terminal illness and its sexually transmitted." I was trying to figure out what this quote was when Grobstein went on to suggest that dying is not an activity one has to do alone because as a matter of fact we all start dying once we are born. There is no time stamp on one's life thus the only course of action to take is to live life.

It also reminded me of the cancer commercials for the American Cancer Center which emphasizes that though doctors who claim to know everything about science cannot but an exact date on someone's life and instead of stopping certain procedures when one gets to a certain age should really focus on making sure that person can live as long a life as possible.


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