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Perfection in Environments

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 I think now i'm starting to see it--the moment where our tightly-focused readings is starting to branch out and pollinate other aspects of life. We spoke about what is perfection...we came to a conclusion that perfection on a tropical island will be very different than perfection in the chilly arctic. One environment does not require that its species be more doesn't require its species to be more resilient, faster-moving, harder only requires its species to be somewhat suited to it. The tango of species to the environment is, in itself a bit of trade off at times. There can be more fluctuation in the environment which creates more fluctuation in the organism. And that is not to say that all organisms work perfectly in their environments. Some have been doing a better job adjusting elsewhere. Sometimes the only thing that really matters is the time, place, and space in which anything does something. There is no foolproof equation that determines if something will be perfectly suited for any environment (this could be physical environment like the tropics...or even an emotionally vexing environment like a hospital) Environments are perpetually changing, and all organisms are so very different--we alone see so much variation on our faces! (what is that to say about the human soul) how could there possibly be one indicator if something will work out perfectly for someone? Some people think that bright colors and loud voices indicates stability in oneself..others may think that a gentle, humble and modest approach to life is the key to serenity. Some people crave happiness--some people yearn to be selfless. However, it's all a very complex network of what is important to each individual..and it's not right, nor is it wrong for anyone to act differently. So often do we make the fatal flaw of thinking that there is  one best way to live life...calm and collected...ambitious and strong....meek and thankful, who knows. But oh so much depends on each person's much depends upon the time, the space, the place that accounts for the many variations that make each one of us completely right and completely wrong in everything that we do. Perfection is always relative.


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