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I want to read everything

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In discussion on Thursday I strongly disagreed with the idea that every possibility in the world already existed, with the idea of a Library of Babel. I don't disagree because I want to believe that each of us matters, that we are important and meaningful in the universe. In fact, I believe the opposite: we're all much less significant than we can hope to understand, given the magnitude of the universe. I still disagree with the idea that every possible outcome is cataloged in a Library of Babel because that Library is still a foundational concept that isn't in keeping with the theory of evolution. But my main issue with the idea of a library is that in my opinion it limits the randomness of the universe and of our options. Using the library concept, where we begin limits where we will end up – that is, we will most likely be constricted to the nearby ideas cataloged around us, because to reach an idea across the library would not only be an extremely long journey, it would be difficult for us to even conceive of this idea because it is so far removed from the ideas to which we are accustomed.

I am also, as someone in class mentioned, one of those people who wants to read everything. I don't need to believe that my life has a purpose, or that it has an inherent meaning, but I do want to believe that it's possible for me to read whatever book strikes my fancy – not just the ones grouped nearby.



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