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On How We Influence Randomness

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On Thursday, we struggled over the question of who (or what force) is determining the course of our evolution. Is it the environmental conditions or the particular features of an organism? When we were confronted with the thought that there is no one force doing the selecting in nature, it made me think about how, despite our CHOSEN intentions, things could happen one way just as easily as another. Initially, I found that idea extremely disconcerting, I want to believe that I can plan and that the choices I make in life will lead me to a certain place. I want to believe that I will not be diverted by the random interactions with others who were additionally influenced by people, conditions, circumstances etc… The good thing, however, is that it makes me thankful for the benefits of how connected we are. We have the ability to affect each other in positive ways, which helps to shape the forces that will influence us all.  Take that, Randomness!  ;-)



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