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Hi Everyone!

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Hello to all, my name is Kristin and I am a Continuing Education Student.  I graduated from Bryn Mawr a number of years ago (yes, I'm being vague here ;-) with a major in philosophy and a minor in math.  I then promptly moved to LA and became a Page on the "Price is Right," then a personal assistant to a comedian/talk show host, then worked my way up the corporate ladder at CBS to an executive position.  After many years in that field and in that environment, I find that my interests, my focus and what I find to be meaningful in life has changed.  I want to do something more purposeful and challenging with my life... so I've decided to go to Med School.  Given that it's so vastly different from what I had been doing and what I thought I was interested in as an undergraduate, I am living proof that we do "evolve."  


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