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Easter and the Library of Babel

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Since today is Easter I thought it appropriate to mention something about it in relation to class. I guess this works because I've been thinking about this comparison for weeks. One of the reasons  I really like the Library of Babel idea is because it reminds me of an easter egg hunt. One in which you do not know how many eggs have been hidden or how much ground they cover. When I was little my parents would always forget how many eggs they had hidden and we would always end up finding a nasty smelly egg in July or so. But it was fun and exciting to find an easter egg so late, I'm not sure why. So to me, the Library of Babel seems like an easter egg hunt: it is always really fun to find an "egg", even if you do not know how many there are, or if someone else finds one exactly like yours. It is still a universe in which you are constantly discovering things in new ways. That's why I think this idea is so fun.


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