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Babel On

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       Thursday in our small group discussion we touched upon the idea of the Library of Babel and how everything that will ever exist in the world has already been created.  Fortunately, for us wondering minds and gatherers of knowledge there seems to be a number of things to explore.  So much that it's suggested that the infinite number of possibilities may never actually be "checked out" of the library.  Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

        Are we creating anything new? or simply reiterating or putting forward thoughts and ideas that already exists? This is the question i found myself stuck on even after the discussion.

       This really had me think about the work I'm doing as a senior.  One's thesis is suppose to bring about fresh new research and ideas about a certain topic or group but in fact aren't we just re-examining the wheel?  I guess after our discussion it makes me feel as though creativity is limited and if so what about art?  Are we just checking out the same books over and over?  Look at music and fashion is there nothing new in that section of the library? It just keeps repeating itself doesn't it?

Who knows what goes on in our brains and whether we've exhausted our library cards but there's got to be more to life.  I'm looking for that unchartered territory or idea that isn't yet published. Does this mean that Darwin wasn't a genius and those who invented things share the same mind as me and just took a step into another section of this so called library? I think I can live with knowing that I am a potential genius. I like that.


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