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The “Free to be you and me” Style of Education

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On Thursday we discussed the idea of integrative learning. Most of us seemed incredibly resistant to the idea of an integrative approach to education. I think this idea deserves some further consideration, however. We have previously debated the lines between science and the humanities, and the blurring of those lines. There are more similarities between the two fields than we usually care to admit. It is because of this that I think an integrative education would be so much more helpful to people unsure of what they want to study. I always thought of myself as a “humanities” person, until I took science classes that challenged me in new and exciting ways. Because my teachers were able to show me how my humanities skills and perspective could be used in the sciences, I discovered new skills and widened my proverbial horizons. It may not be the answer to all of the questions we continue to raise in discussion, but I do think that an integrative approach has merit and deserves some thought.


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