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Spending the Weekend with Patrick Star

Sara Lazarovska's picture


That is how my weekend is characterized. As a matter of fact, my whole week has been phlegm-y, but it was taken to a whole new level this past few days. After I discovered on Thursday that I have a severe ear infection, combatting the cold that I caught earlier in the week became much more difficult. Now I have to stifle my sneezes as much as possible and I'm not allowed to blow my nose, as to not put pressure on my ear. But my body would have none of that. I have been sneezing every ten minutes this weekend, being mostly bedridden (or roomridden, if that's even a plausible word) but still exhausted. Therefore, I did not have the chance to properly visit the cloisters this week, but I will talk about the ecology in my room.

Reggie is a potted plant (I have no idea of what kind) that Paige (one of my roommates) brought with her when she moved in. In the beginning, I admit it, I was sceptical about Reggie's dorm room survival - I thought Paige would forget to water it and that it would die within days. Au contraire, Reggie's been doing just fine; laying in my bed, I see how much it has grown (4 inches is a lot for a plant) over the past 5 weeks, and I marvel at its prosperity. Its leaves sway lazily in the breeze that it manages to catch on the windowsill in our bedroom. It looks happy somehow, and I'm envious. Since I'm sick, I've been irked at anything and everything, and every venture outside my room I take with a scowl. Also, the frequent weather and temperature changes are not welcome in my book either. Why don't my surroundings mirror the way I feel?

Note: Paige has a Patrick Star-shaped pillow that I've been looking at and unwillingly spending time with this weekend.