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What do I think of the class so far?

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I believe that this class is going very well so far. The topics we discuss are interesting, though I wish we could spend more time going over the details of each Selwyn chapter and go in more depth as to how our readings might apply to the real world. I hope we can do more class research like what we did with that facebook page on our first day of class. Nothing has taken off yet because we have been discussing how to set up our groups for Hop-in, etc with some changes. I am glad that we are switching rooms since I have to speak up loudly in order to be heard and the hum can get distracting. I don't think that this class atmosphere is very stressful, which is nice. I am looking forward to more discussion and analysis among our classmates and our professor. I feel that the class has barely gotten started, so I am not sure if anything is lacking or if I'm not happy with the way my questions are being addressed. So far, I've learned that I need to pace myself accordingly and not read every little thing if I'm out of time (at least in terms of my schedule). I'm found of roses but I hate thorns, and I've got a rose symbol for my laptop persona.