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Serendip notifications and time-outs

Anne Dalke's picture

Notifications: turns out we have 2 kinds:

a) One is using Google Feedburner; the link to it is here:
We are dependent on Google for this service, which is set up for daily emails,
for group posts only, NOT comments, which are treated differently.

b) Instructions for subscribing to comments are on the Help page:
Want to be notified by email when someone has commented on your posts?
Click on My Account, and then click on Edit. Change this setting:
(image here) and then click Save.

Our webmaster, Anne Dixon, can look up whether you are subscribed to either one
of these services, but she can't guarantee mail delivery ...

Timeouts: these are set to multiple hours, but sometimes the display isn't accurate.
You "might" have been logged in, put yourself and your computer to sleep, and returned.
All the cues that you are logged are still there--until you type something in and try
to save it, when you'll get an error message saying you're not logged in. So saving
drafts is up to you.

Hope this helps!