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Seen but not Labeled

Rochelle W.'s picture

When I visited Bryn Mawr for the first time and for the second time I was given a campus map so that I could find my way around. And at some point in the seemingly constant stream of mail from Bryn Mawr over the summer I got another map. At that time the pictorial map of the campus was one of the most accurate image representations of Bryn Mawr that I had come across. And for the first few days on campus that continued to be the truth. Now that I have been here for a few weeks, and now that I have been prompted to think about it more deeply, I have come to realize that this map can only represent one layer of Bryn Mawr (as any map can only represent one layer of what it is depicting).
The place that I am going to visit each week is the space behind the English house (the backyard of the English house?). There were some shiny leaves there the last time I went and I liked them very much. This spot is connected to the pictorial campus map because it is on the map, but it isn't labeled.