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"Reality Hunger"

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What is reality? The truth: it is a constant battle between who one is, who one wants to be and what it is that one can only be. One might ask how it is that these concepts are diiferent, but this question is only asked by the mind bound to preconcieved notions of the “way” things should be. The latter, are minds that figure that there is such a thing as being “fake”or being  a”poser.” But why is it that we canot be a teenager who doesn’t like chocoloate, or why is it that we can’t love pop music and rock?  In our search for reality we get tangled up within the constraints put up as boundaies by societies to dictate what we should be. Our inner and outer worlds never seem to comply in what they each want, and need, to be happy. They chase after a happiness that makes one a loser and the other a winner.  Ultimately, as individuals, we find that our reality is unattainable and confine ourselves to  this notion, as Shields puts it, to “act naturally.” (Reality Hunger #130)


Poem by Me About Me:


I hate that my sister thinks I'm not "gansta"material just because I'm studious.

I hate that I'm not considered a Mexican simply because I adamantly consider myself Chicana, which by the way is not the same as Mexican-American, Latino/a, or Hispanic!

I hate that people know me as the person who likes country music, but think it's weird when I listen to rap, pop, rock, indie, hip-hop, swing, juke box, or  Motown music. Huh as if I'm not allowed or something.

I hate that we can't be more than one thing without being called a "poser", "faker",  "hypocrite", "pretender", or "imposer".

I mean don't we all fight to not be confined to the one definition that is given to us?

I mean the mailman is a man (sorry or woman) with his/her own life story, not just the "mailman."




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