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Through Life's Continuous Frame...

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 For my final project I chose to create and "altered book" using Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, the actual book that I read for this course. One concept that really captured me by the end of our discussions was the idea of framing, and what in our lives actually is framed. I enjoyed writing my final essay on this topic and I wanted to continue this thought process with my project. My altered book has within it a representation of what I got out of the class and from each of the literary kinds that we covered. This is unlike my posts on Serendip because they are more abstract and include more image representations- they also are more of what I think of as a summary rather than a conversation about the course. Not only does the physical book frame the rest of the material and thoughts inside, but, as I mentioned in my last paper, I feel like the text Alice's Adventures in Wonderland itself frames the course. It was our first complete text that we read and it opened up our first in-depth conversation, about waking and dreaming. I also looked at Alice's Adventures in Wonderland as a framed narrative, with the dream being the center of the piece, and "reality" framing the tale of Alice's adventures down the rabbit hole. 

This is why I chose to create an altered book from my Alice's Adventures in Wonderland text, and I hope that through my project and through these images of the final project that your mind is opened to the never ending "rabbit hole" of framing- does it ever end?

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