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My birthday of 18 years old is coming!

Mindy Lu's picture

I choose this picture because the Winnie in the picture is not only a toy of my favourite cartoon character,but also my birthday gift sent here by my best friend this year.

My birthday is on September 6th, which is alway at the beginning of school semesters. Thus, when I was a child, different with other children who hated the end of holidays, I was always looking foreward to the new semester. 

My birthday this year is the first time for me to celebrate alone without any family members or old friends. However, I never feel upset for the simple reason that I meet so many new friends here. Although I am far away from my hometown, I can still feel warm and happy.

Moreover, I notice that there is a parade night on my birthday on campus, which makes me feel excited, and I hope to make friends with more girls that night!