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Last time

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Maybe I started to miss my city when I entered in the plane to Philadelphia. I come from a place with plum blossom in spring, fireflies in summer, streets filled with phoenix tree leaves in autumn and soft snowflakes in winter. My hometown Nanjing, was the capital of six dynasties, standing calmly near the Long River and staring changes in history for thousands of years. Every ancient construction in roads has its own story, and my avatar, is a part of the ‘Yuejiang Pavilion’. In my last year in Nanjing, I travelled different parts which I ignored before. Keeping notes, reading historic information and enjoying natural views in mountains, I felt really comfortable. Yuejiang Pavilion was my last destination. I remembered the day I walked up to the top of it, with Long River traversing hundreds of meters away. The bell rang, and pigeons were scared to fly under thick clouds. Because the pavilion is so high, I could see most part of Nanjing in front of me. It is the last time I looked at my hometown in such situation before I came abroad.