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Frank's Death

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I want to focus on Frank's death and how it relates to the theme of agency throughout the book. Frank's death helps Natalie's/Keisha's and Leah's stories move and is very important to the ending of the story (which involves both women). However, I want to know how Frank's death affects Frank's story. Frank is the character with the most agency throughout the story. He not only changes his life around by getting clean and becoming committed to the woman he loves, he recognizes that he needs to change internally in order to lead a happier life. What does the reader learn when Frank dies? Are we supposed to learn that a person with agency will die if they cannot escape poverty? I would prefer not to think so. However, to learn how Frank's death works with the theme of agency in the novel, I want to do a close reading of his death. I think once I understand why his murderers killed him, I will understand the consequences of his death much better.