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Hi I'm Samantha!

Samantha Plate's picture

Hello ladies! My name is Samantha Plate and I'm excited to explore the wonderful city of Philadelphia with you.

My avatar is a picture of me and my friends on a train track. Not too exciting- but the day holds special memories for me.

After our last day of finals this year my friends and I spent the day together, creating memories that will last a lifetime. We had brunch together and then drove to a place called Carousel Gardens where we took tons of fun pictures. The grounds are picturesque and we played on an old tractor that was there. We then ventured to an abandoned train down the road. We took pictures and explored as much of the train as we were able to access.Image previewImage previewImage preview

Afterwards we watched Disney movies together to try and prolong our childhood. We ended the night by having a picnic in the park and then, coming full circle, went back to our school. It was there that we laid out paper lanterns and wrote messages to each other on them. One by one, we then lit the lanterns and let them float away, a symbolic ending to our High School career.Image previewImage preview

I really cherish the picture that is my avatar. It is my favorite from the whole day that we spent together. It turned out really nice considering it was taken with a point and shoot camera on a tripod balanced precariously on a box.

My friends mean a lot to me and missing them is going to be the hardest part of college.

Lastly, I guess I should mention that I am the one wearing the red dress.

Looking forward to reading all of your stories and getting to know you all better.

Happy First Day of Classes!

~Samantha Plate