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Experiencing 17 Border Crossings Deeply

Samantha Plate's picture

17 Broder Crossings contained many aspects of deep play in many ways. The most obvious deep play was Thadeus Phillips and his performance. It was clear to anyone in the audience that Thadeus was in the moment and was exhilarated, with adreneline flowing through him. His was not only physically engaged but also mentally engaged in his performance, and I truly believe he was experiencing deep play. But deep play was not only was found on the stage, it could also be found in the audience. From the very begining we were all enthralled. By having us close our eyes and imagine we were in the train, Phillips pulled us into the performance. From then on I felt like I was in every location and imagined experiencing all of the crossings he recreated. I felt very invested in the crossings, I realize now that I was experiencing some of the aspects of deep play.