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The Fishtown RiverCity Festival

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Stop 1: See little post about Fringe Festival. Wonder about other festivals in Philly.

Stop 2: Continue reading newspaper. Read about music in Philly. Think about music festivals in Philly.

Stop 3: Google "Philly music and arts" and get here.

Stop 4: Click "Music" and see the words "free outdoor concerts" and get here.

Stop 5: See what is happening this weekend and get here.

Stop 6: Realize that a band I like is playing. For free. I get here (the official site of the festival).

I kinda hope someone would want to go to this festival with me. It's a little bit out of the way of everything else. To get there, we'd take the train into Market East then take the subway to Girard Station. From there it's a half mile walk. Free music! 

(Also, to be quite honest, I would also like to go to the Barnes Foundation quite desperately. If nobody is willing to go out that far with me, I'd gladly go to the Barnes Foundation since it's quite easy and on the Parkway.)