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A Final Reflection

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A Final Reflection

When I first arrived to Play in the City I really did not know what to expect.  I did not know what “playing in the city” entailed or what I would be expected to write about or do.  I was scared.  I was a small town girl being thrown into a class all about exploring a huge city, not something I was used to.  

Having now completed Play in the City I feel more confident both in writing and in general.  My first papers were timid.  I tired to follow closely the guidelines given and to answer all of the questions asked of me.  They were all formatted in distinct paragraphs and I did not take any chances on mixing them up.  But now my papers are adventurous.  I take chances like I did not before because I now realize that that is the only way to grow.  I am no longer afraid of the crowds and busyness of cities like I was before.  I have developed a sort of intuition about Philadelphia; I feel as if I know an area even if I have never been there before.

Play in the City taught me that I do not always have to feel guilty for enjoying myself.  I may be having fun, but that enjoyment, no matter how long it lasts, is a part of a bigger picture.  Whether I am pointing out a flaw in society, having a moment outside of myself or learning about something that I previously did not know, play is important.  If everyone went through life avoiding all of the types of play we discussed in class the world would be boring and empty.  We need play.

When I walk through the city now I will notice the sights and sounds but I will be also be thinking of all of the experiences of Play in the City.  Not just my own but all of the moments shared in class.

Evelyn’s run-in with a homeless man.

Kate’s misadventure on the SEPTA buses.

Claire’s fascination with doors.

Agatha’s ability to connect with everyone.

  Every experience that we shared with each other shaped what Play in the City was about.  It would not be possible to single out one person as having been the most helpful because everyone helped in their own ways.  Telling stories about their adventures or listening to my own, editing papers or helping me think of something to write about, every city player broke me out of my shell.  I can take chances and go on adventures both in Philadelphia and in Bryn Mawr.   I am no longer the timid little girl I was when I first arrived.  I  am brave.  I can go into the city and I can voice my opinion.

I really enjoyed Play in the City.  It was different from what I expected but I think it was better for it.  Talking about play as a form of productivity instead of procrastination really changed how I see the world.  Though I struggled with many of the more metaphorical and symbolic assignments, the course made me realize why that was and that I can make sense of things without numbers and science.  It might take me longer and it might be painful, but I can do it.